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Modern Model Knitted Shoulder Bag Recommendation

Modern Model Knitted Shoulder Bag Recommendation – Knitted shoulder bag products on the market are not as many as bags made from synthetic leather or canvas. However, the various modern models of knitted shoulder bags have beautiful and attractive designs for everyday wear. Here are our recommendations for a selection of modern Knitted shoulder bag models in full.

Knitted Shoulder Bag Recommendation

Premium Knitted bag Three Rooms

Made in a sling bag model, Bag Premium is made of premium PP nylon thread. This modern knitted shoulder bag is equipped with a crochet strap that can be removed or made long or short. To make it comfortable to store things, the inside has a lining made of Asahi cloth.

This modern model of bag is made in length 23 cm. Height 14 cm and width 4 cm with three zippered compartments on the inside. This product is available in a variety of colors, including dark purple, turquoise, green, dusty, silver, and maroon. And black, milo, dark gray, magenta, dark brown, navy, army green, tan brown, gold, lilac, taupe, green bottles, chocolate cookies, and brown bricks. This Premium bag is sold at 8 dollars.

Mini Floral

The Mini Knitting Sling Bag is made of nylon. Thread with flower accents on the front which makes it look even prettier. This modern-style knitted shoulder bag is quite small. Measuring 14 cm long, 15 cm high, and 5.5 cm wide. With such a small size, this product can only be used to carry cell phones, small wallets, travel wipes, and some small make-up tools.

This modern model of the knitted shoulder bag is available in a selection of soft colors, such as beige, brown and feet. Like sling bags in general, this product already has a 120 cm long strap. But the length and length cannot be adjusted.

Aesthetic Bag

This Aesthetic bag is a modern shoulder bag with a shape that is quite unique and different from Knitted shoulder bags in general. This product uses a zipper hook for 1 main room and there is 1 small pocket without a zipper. Even though it is equipped with a rope, the rope cannot be adjusted in length or short.

This product is 26 cm long, 11 cm wide, and 34 cm high, which is large enough to carry a lot of things when you are out and about. Unfortunately, there is no furing layer in the bag, so it cannot protect the contents when exposed to water or rain. Available in black, cream, gray, and maroon, the Aesthetic Bag is priced at 7 dollars.

Seker knitted

The Seker is the latest modern model of the knitted bag. This product is in the form of a tote bag which is equipped with a zipper as a hook and a rope that can be adjusted in short length. Inside the bag, there is also a layer of furing cloth to maximize protection for the items in it.

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The size of this modern knitted shoulder bag is quite large, around 30 cm x 27 cm, so it can fit college books or office documents. Before buying, make sure you have chosen the available colors, there are beige-coffee, red-beige, red-pink, cream-black, red-black and gray-black. Even though the size is quite large.