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How to Choosing a Good and Simple Knit Crossbody Bag


How to Choosing a Good and Simple Knit Crossbody Bag – This time we will review how to choose a good knit crossbody bag. Then, we will also present recommendations for the latest models of knit crossbody bags from various well-known brands, such as DOWA, Kaboki, and Sanguine Goods. Want to know more? Come on, listen.

Knit Crossbody Bag

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Sling Bag, Just Right To Complete Your Casual Style

A knitting sling bag is very suitable for casual and casual moments. The size of this bag is also quite diverse. A small sling bag can be used to store smartphones and wallets. Meanwhile, bags that are medium to large in size can contain books, stationery, make-up equipment, and more.

If you are looking for a crochet crossbody sling bag, pay attention to the material of the bag strap. There are usually two types of straps: knitted straps and straps made from other materials such as leather or canvas. For those of you who often carry a lot of things, you can choose leather or canvas. If you have little luggage, a crochet sling strap is enough to complete your bag.

Polyester, The Strongest And Able To Withstand Heavy Loads

A polyester thread is the strongest synthetic knitting thread. Several brands of knit crossbody bags use this type of thread because it can withstand the heavy weight of your luggage. Apart from that, its shiny plastic-like texture also adds an elegant impression to the knit crossbody bag you use.

Its plastic-like and slightly stiff characteristics make this yarn not difficult to create. Because of this, many knit crossbody bag manufacturers use it for various models and types of bags. By knowing these advantages, you don’t need to hesitate to buy a bag made of this thread.

Nylon, More Flexible For Various Knit Crossbody Bag Motifs

Nylon knit bags are not as strong as polyester. However, this thread is superior when used to make variations of knitting bag motifs. You can find softer, more pliable nylon thread in these round or heavily ornamented models. Those of you who like to change bags can consider bags made of nylon because of the many motifs and models. That way, you can also mix and match this nylon knit crossbody bag with a variety of styles.

Knit Sling Bag

Made of thick and hairless polyester yarn, Alena’s round knitting bag is perfect for everyday activities, especially for casual events. The hook of this modern model knitting bag uses a zipper and inside there is 1 room that has been lined with furing.

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Alena’s Knitting Bag has a diameter of about 20 cm and can fit quite a lot of small items, such as cellphones, lip products, small mirrors, or tissues. Made in a choice of choco, cream, maroon, dark brown, light gray, black, and purple colors, this modern model crochet bag is sold at IDR 30,000.

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