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These Are Recommendations For Knitting Tote Bags For Work


These Are Recommendations For Knitting Tote Bags For Work – Not only good quality, durable or durable, but also able to accommodate all your important needs, laptops, notebooks, wallets, outerwear, or makeup. Knitting Tote Bags are large and can accommodate a lot of things, especially laptops for work.

Knitting Tote Bags

Apart from that, the tote bag also has a stylish design to give a good first impression when meeting clients, colleagues, and bosses or if you have to attend an event after work. Here are some recommendations for working tote bags.


The Le Pliage bag from the French label has been an instant hit since its debut in 1993 and has since become the brand’s best-selling bag worldwide. No wonder, this bag has a timeless design and has nylon canvas material that is very light and strong and can even be folded smaller. This one bag can be said to be “resilient” to go through your various activities all day.

Tory Burch

With a minimalist, modern but elegant model, this calf leather bag has a large size and good structure to accommodate your various belongings. The color is available in black and cortado brown. This bag is also accompanied by a detachable zip pouch in the same color that you can use to put cards and money. There is no need to doubt the quality of the skin.


For those of you who like canvas material, consider the following bag from the Givenchy label. This tote bag has a sturdy structure to accommodate many items. Accompanied by a top handle and shoulder strap made of leather which is comfortable to carry. The Givenchy logo on the front of the bag also shows a modern and minimalist statement.


This canvas tote bag is also being favored by fashion enthusiasts because apart from being practical. It also has a unique vertical striped interwoven design. The colors are also available in various color combinations, but in particular. This one has a beautiful combination of earthy colors. So it’s easy for you to combine it with workwear with a basic color palette.

Marhen J

Marhen J is a bag label from South Korea that is gaining popularity because of its durable materials and contemporary designs with a touch of Korean aesthetics. Instead of choosing the viral canvas bag for you, this time we recommend the equally fashionable leather bag to be your work bag. This bag has lots of compartments to keep your things neat, as well as elegant basic colors like green or navy blue.


The tote bag from the Lacoste label is one that you can rely on to put your laptop and various other necessities for work. For this bag, the advantage is that it is reversible or can be reversed and used in another color inside.


If you’re looking for a little statement in the bag, this bag can be your choice. In green army color and silver chain accents, this bag from Pedro adds value to look fashionable. The material is also a mixture of canvas and leather, thus adding durable value. Plus, the puffy accent can protect your laptop when traveling.

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Local label Rounn also launched a tote bag that you should watch. This bag features woven leather detailing that adorns the front, giving it uniqueness and modernity in a minimalist form. The color is also very beautiful and is available in other natural colors.

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