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How to Choosing A Scoop Neck Wedding Dress According To Posture


How to Choosing A Scoop Neck Wedding Dress According To Posture – The wedding dress is an important thing that must be considered before the wedding. The right choice of dress will complete your appearance on a special day.

But it should be noted, choosing the right wedding dress is not only seen by the brand, designer, or expensive prices. It is also important for you to choose a wedding dress according to your posture. Therefore, let’s take a look at the following tips for choosing a Scoop Neck Wedding Dress according to your body posture.

A-Line Dress For Fat And Short Stature

Women with short and fat stature often have difficulty choosing a wedding dress model. If you are one of them, you should choose a princess-style wedding dress or a dress with an A-line cut. The A-line cut at the bottom of the dress will make your body look longer. Meanwhile, to disguise a fat body, you can choose a dress with a thin or loose material like chiffon.

Also, choose pastel nuanced colors such as Salem and broken white. You can also choose solid colors, such as Fuschia, turquoise, maroon, or green. Avoid choosing dresses with dark colors, knitted fabrics, or stacked models because it will make the appearance look full and tight. Choose also who has a fit body shape.

Empire Gown That Gives The Illusion Of Curves

Straight posture generally has a minimal indentation at the waist. For this posture, you have to make the other person look up at the top of the body. You can choose a wedding dress with a strapless or one-shoulder model. You can also choose an empire waistline for the bottom of the dress.

The empire waistline dress model will give the illusion of curves starting from the waist so that the body looks like it has curves at the waist. Apart from the empire waistline, you can also choose a dress that has detail at the waist. Choose a material that is smooth and falls so that it gives a beautiful fluffy effect to your body.

Scoop Neck Wedding Dress Ball Gown To Disguise Big Hips

The pear body shape is one that most women have. Women with this body type are quite difficult to match clothes. Characteristics have a large bottom. For this body type, it is recommended to choose a wedding dress with a ball gown model or a dress that has thick volume at the bottom.

This dress model will disguise the lower part of the body so that it looks smaller and balanced. You can choose a dress with organza or taffeta material which can give a fluffy effect. In addition to paying attention to body shape, it is also important to pay attention to skin color when choosing a wedding dress.

Scoop Neck Wedding Dress Tiny Body Highlight With Lightweight Material

Owners of petite bodies must be observant in choosing a wedding dress. A wrong choice can make the body look sunken and oversized. For the selection of wedding dresses, you should choose a wedding dress with an empire line model.

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In addition, choose a dress with a light and flowing material such as chiffon or lace so that it looks taller. You can also choose a ball gown model to make you look taller and fuller. Avoid using a sash or any detail that wraps around the waist because it will make the body appear shorter. Petite bodies can also choose a short wedding dress that shows the legs.

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