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How To For Making An Elegant Femboy Wedding Dress Concept

How To For Making An Elegant Femboy Wedding Dress Concept – There are many types of wedding dresses that you can wear, from national, classic, or femboy models. Of course, you have to adjust the various models of wedding dresses to the concept of the wedding that you want to carry out. If you are having a wedding with a Western concept and are quite luxurious, a Femboy Wedding Dress is suitable for you.

The color for a femboy wedding dress is usually dominated by white. Like what Queen Victoria used. For this reason, white or pale cream is considered a mandatory color for those who want to use the concept of a wedding dress from Europe. In addition to the use of white. The uniqueness found in wedding dresses from Europe is sleep. Which means an additional tail on the back of the dress.

By using sleep, you will look more graceful and elegant. The use of sleep is also often found in formal dresses used by royal princesses in England. If you want to use a femboy style wedding dress for a wedding later, here are the accessories and concepts that you should use. That way, your appearance will look more elegant and sweet, like a princess from a European empire.

Using Head Cover

Many dresses with classic European designs use a head covering for female replacement. You can use a hat, a veil that covers your face, or a series of crowns made of flowers. You can also use a small tiara or crown if you don’t mind. Additional accessories will make you look more elegant and attractive.

The Color Of The Dress Used

As you already know, you should use a white dress color if you want to copy wedding dress designs from Europe. Because most of the wedding gown designs and concepts from there use white, off-white, or pale beige. Using these colors is considered to add to the impression of the natural beauty of the bride.

Long And Fluffy Dresses

Many femboy wedding gowns have designs that are puffy and big at the bottom, or, if not, have long enough tails that you have to hold on to as you walk down the aisle. You can also use this concept for your wedding dress. The use of tailored sleep is usually synonymous with a classic model wedding dress.

For a more modern design, now a femboy wedding dress or party is becoming more flexible. The dress model is not only fluffy, but can also use layered, elongated, or other styles. You can discuss with your wedding dress designer to determine the most appropriate dress style.

Bring Flowers And Wear Gloves

Even though it looks trivial, using the concept of a femboy wedding makes you have to follow the rules in your marriage. One of them is wearing gloves and carrying a bouquet of flowers. But now this tradition is not so strict anymore, you can not bring flowers or wear gloves. These options can be adjusted to the wishes of the bride and groom.

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Simple And Elegant Dress

Almost all femboy wedding dresses have simple shapes and don’t have a lot of decorations. This is because their wedding dress is designed minimalist and simple. But that doesn’t mean the dress used is plain and seems empty, there are some accessories added but not so much. For example sequins, lace, or flower decoration in several parts.