How Should A 35 Year Old Woman Dress Idea


After welcoming 35 years old, your life will change as well as your style. Your wardrobe pieces will change too and you might never wear your 20’s outfits. That’s adulthood, by the way. Here are how should a 35 year old woman dress and some suggestions to choose the perfect pieces.

How Should A 35 Year Old Woman Dress Ideas

  1. Dark colour dress

If a bright colour theme is perfect fit for youngsters, welcoming thirty is about being calm and more mature. You can choose dark-coloured pieces especially when you buy dress. It’s versatile to combine with any accessories or jewelry. If you don’t like the plain one, choose an embossed pattern.


  1. Monochrome outfit

Do you wanna stay in your comfort zone? Black and white theme will never be out of date. Monochrome style fits all ages, especially women after 35. Try the combination of white tee or tanktop, black blazer and black chinos. The outfits are modern, simple, but classy as well.


  1. Office style

Office style is a perfect option though you don’t go to the office. The pieces are shirt, blazer, trousers or chinos, and boots or shoes. Choose the classy colours like beige, sky blue, white and black. Avoid the bright color like yellow or pink because they don’t suit the elegant look.

how should a 35 year old woman dress Office-style

  1. Casual and dressy style

You can still look girly, yet edgy and casual at the same time. Try the strap dress, but mix it with a cardigan or jacket. You can also replace the dress with a top and skirt. This style doesn’t make you look aging or young. It’s comfy too for your daily outfit.


  1. Cardigan theme outfit

Cardigan is a perfect answer if you’re too lazy to be dressy one. Cardigan has many style and fabric range, but the knitted long one is very perfect for your age. Buy the khaki color so it could be mixed with many styles. The good combination is with jeans and tanktop.

how should a 35 year old woman dress - Cardigan-theme-outfit

  1. Wide-leg jeans

Seems we all agree that low rise or skinny jeans are a no-no. How should a 35 year old woman dress usually more classic by wearing loose-fit or wide-leg jeans. They hide your silhouette well. You can wear them in many occasions, from informal to semi-formal yet look classy and trendy.


  1. Wear blouses more

Sometimes, a basic tee is too youthful for a 35 year old woman. So, replacing it with blouse can help you look more mature. Blouse is a professional suit for 20’s but it isn’t for women after 30’s. Whatever your job is, this office attire is very relaxing for many events.


  1. Midi-length dress

You can say goodbye to your hort hem and start with a midi-length dress or hem. It’s multi-function since you don’t need to wear jeans or skirts. Mostly, midi-lengths come with long-sleeves style. They’re perfect for formal occasions as well.


  1. Basic blazer

Blazer is basic and it’s a must-have. It can replace your cardigan for formal purposes. Since it’s basic attire, you don’t need to buy every season though it’s a fast-fashion piece. Choose the monochrome ones such as black, grey, and white, so it’s relevant in many years ahead.


  1. Pay attention to your skirt

Skirt is always formal, but the option can reflect your personality and age. If you are over 35, you don’t wear tutu skirt, do you? Nowadays, wrap skirts become more trendy and casual. You can have piece whether it’s short or long with warm tone color.


  1. Avoid prints tee

Prints tee is too cheesy for women after 35. If you still have ones, it’s time to leave them. It’s not artful anymore and you are only able to wear them at home. Choose the plain tee pieces. They work well with the combination such as a basic blazer, cardigan, and also wide-leg jeans.


  1. Avoid the season pieces

Fast-fashion usually releases the festival-season with some pattern. It can come as a maxi or midi dress with camisole. You had better skip that, since it’s not trendy anymore after the season ends. The pattern is also not that classy for woman after 35. Consider the basic is more important.


Don’t worry to look old or weird with your style. All you need to know is how should a 35 year old woman dress. Remember that every woman is unique. But once you’re in your 35’s, you’ll be more mature including your choice of wardrobe.

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