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12 Pretty Woman Red Dress Ideas


Dress is a perfect choice for woman who loves to look more feminine. In formal occasion, women choose this style rather than any outfits. The red dress is one of the ideas which every woman needs to consider. Here are some pretty woman red dress ideas which have become trend nowadays.

Pretty Woman Red Dress Ideas

  1. Glossy Silk Dress

This dress is sophisticated with glossy and smooth silk. Both of sides are off-shoulders which fit the concept for prom night. The bottom part of the dress has stripes which are bolder than all-over part. The woman looks glamorous in such simplicity.


  1. Solid maxi dress

Maxi dress is another choice for woman who loves solid red. It’s sleeveless, yet covering your shoulder well. The v-neck line will give the better look, so your appearance won’t be that plain. It’s great for daily lives or special occasion like a birthday party with your peers.


  1. Puffy sleeve dress

This dress isn’t only for teens, but also for adults. The sleeves are long and puffy, so it can hide your arms perfectly. The length is just 10 inches above your knees. The red color gives you vibrant and bold looks. You also can put the big belt to complete the tantalizing combination.


  1. Lively flower pattern dress

If you think plain dress won’t look good on you, you can consider this look. The woman wears the big flower pattern all over the dress. Some parts of the pabric have bolder color and holes on it’s short sleeves. The dress is perfect for party or just strolling around the city on weekend.


  1. Mermaid red dress

Mermaid red dress will remain iconic, whatever the color is. But the red one is bold, unique and outstanding among other colors. Usually, this dress is designed as bridal outfit. The off-shoulder and low chest create your aura sexier in your special occasion.


  1. Simple off-shoulder dress

Off-shoulder dresses never go out of style. The appearance of a woman will look charming with this type of dress. The tight dress style makes women look slimmer. While long-sleeves make it suitable for going to formal events. Combine with a silver necklace and silver heels.


  1. Strapless red dress

Some women love strapless dress. It’s simple, yet gives you feminine look. The upper body tends to be tighter as support. If you think that your appearance looks plain, try adding a cardigan or accessories such as a necklace or belt.


  1. I-shoulder red dress

The red i-shoulder dress with ruffle on the chest makes your body look luxurious. The ruffle fills the entire front of the chest to the stomach. While at the bottom there is a slit down to the thigh. Without any accessories, the pretty woman red dress looks amazing.

  1. Simple a-line red dress

The A-line red dress is very versatile in several occasions. It looks youthful because it’s contemporary style in fashion. You can mix-match with any ideas and perfect fit for all body shapes. The simple one usually has knee-length and sleeveless. Elevate it with belt or stilettos is also a good idea.


  1. Turtle neck red dress

Wanna look feminine and casual at the same time? This pretty woman red dress wears the turtle neck style. It fits your body and follows the line. Usually, it comes with long sleeves too. You can wear the sneakers with different color, so your appearance looks more awesome.


  1. Denim red dress

Denim is the most popular style that fits in any age and generation. Even in the next ten years, the style is still relatable. The denim red dress is also versatile to wear in any occasion. It’s feminine, yet casual. You can combine with sneakers or boots to make it look chic.


  1. Dungaree red dress

Another style you need to consider is dungaree red dress. The texture is always lovely. Usually, it reaches your knee or half of your legs. This is suitable for woman who loves to look chic and simple. Combine with white or black shirt and also sneakers to make it perfect.


Dress has been loved across the generations. Until now, the fashion world still worships this feminine style. Consider one of pretty woman red dress styles above in your many occasions. The range of red dress works wonder and you can choose according to your preference.

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