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Here Are The Most Preferred Type Of Knitwear

Here Are The Most Preferred Type Of Knitwear- Coming with a variety of colors and patterns, the knit fabric trend seems to be in the spotlight lately. Besides being comfortable to use, knitting is also suitable as a fashion item to support your daily style. Although initially many knit fabrics were produced in subtropical countries, because of the thick fabric they are suitable for both winter and spring.

However, with the development of technology, now knitted fabrics are also suitable for use in tropical countries with much thinner fabrics.

Here are the advantages of knitted fabrics that you can look at before deciding to buy this product :

  • Thicker

Knitted fabrics are usually knitted in layers with thick threads so that they can prevent air from entering the surface of the skin. This is useful for protecting your body in winter or rain. But now there are also knitted fabrics that are made thinner so that they don’t overheat the users when used in tropical countries like Indonesia.

  • Flexibility

Knitted fabrics are one of the materials that are flexible and easy to pull, so if you don’t like clothes that are too tight, then knitted fabrics can be the solution.

  • Soft and Comfortable

Made from knitted yarn that comes from cotton so that it makes the knitted fabric feel softer and smoother on the skin surface. Therefore this material is very suitable for use by all ages even if it is a baby.


The Type Of Knitwear

Here are the types of knitting that you should know about, especially if it’s for knit fabric lovers. If you intend to buy a type of knit fabric, this article might be able to help you in determining the type to buy according to the model so you don’t choose the wrong one. You also will know the most preferred type of knitwear by people.

Generally, types of knitted fabrics are made by crossing two perpendicular rows of threads, where a loop of yarn is used as a link between the threads. Knitting yourself can be done by hand or machine. One example of machine-made knitting fabrics is soccer jersey, felt, towels, and many more. The knit fabric itself has an elastic texture so it stretches easily and makes it easier for users to do activities, especially for those of you who don’t like clothes with tight models. Here are the types of knitting that can make you better understand before buying the product :

Single Knitt.

Single knit is a technique that uses two needles and one knitting thread. This type of knitting is usually dense, dense and tends to be less elastic. Utilization of this technique is often used in the manufacture of shirts that are widely circulating in the market. This type also the most preferred type of knitwear

Double Knitt.

This technique uses two knitting yarns that are knitted together with two needles. So don’t be surprised if the results are thicker than a single knit. It is also more elastic and stretchy. Products that make many uses of this technique are clothing for babies and children.


The distinctive feature of this knitting is the existence of a motif or pattern on the knitted fabric. The motif itself can be round, square, or similar to small triangles. Generally this knit is used to make polo shirts or collar shirts. This knit so unique and also included to the most preferred type of knitwear

Striper or Yarn Dern.

This knitting is a combination of two-colored yarn so that it cannot be reversed. How to knit can also use single knit or double knit techniques, as long as the end part is made a split. Usually this material is used to designate channel or colorful materials, its use is also used for soccer jersey products or adult t-shirts.

 Drop Needle.

Using a needle pulling variation, the drop needle is commonly used for singlet making and can be used back and forth. It also tends to be more elastic with a straight vertical line texture. The most preferred type of knitwear will make you more confidence tu use it.

Those are the most preferred type of knitwear and a little explanation, hopefully it will be a reference in making choices before deciding to buy them.