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The Stylish Fashion Knitwear Especially For Our Mother


The Stylish Fashion Knitwear Especially For Our Mother – You know, knit-based tops are trending again this year. What collections do you already have? This time we will discuss knit tops with long sleeves. Try checking your knit top again, is there anything you don’t have yet from the following knit long-sleeved women’s tops:

Cardigan Fashion Stylish Knitwear Especially For Our Mothers

The knitting cardigan is one of the knitting items that you absolutely shouldn’t miss. Knitted cardigans are not just long. You can choose a belted cardigan made from charming classic knitwear. For a slightly masculine style but still pretty, you can also choose a wrap cardigan with an irregular design. Apart from the three types of cardigans, there are still classic and flyaway cardigans that are recommended for you to have.

So interested in buying a cardigan as a fashion knitwear especially for our mother? Here are some buying and caring tips that I can share:

  • Choose neutral colors when you first buy. Such as black, gray, or navy blue. This neutral color is easy to match with other women’s fashion collections.
  • Use materials according to the weather. When it’s hot, it’s good to use thin ingredients. Conversely, if it is cold, you can take out a collection of wool cardigan in the wardrobe.
  • To be durable, wash by hand, especially for those made from wool. Sweater Who wants to have oversized knit sweaters, oversized knit sweaters are really the latest



The shape is almost the same as the regular long sleeve t-shirt, but actually they are different. Pullovers are synonymous with long sleeves and rounded collars at the neck. Its characteristics when used can show the curves of the body, and a little tight. Pullovers are very suitable to be worn by women and also the modern parents of today. Even now the accents on his clothes are very diverse, not just plain with certain colors. Some of the pullovers are accented with soft feathers on the sleeves as well as pearls and gorgeous beads.


Capuchon is a knitted jacket that has a hoodie on the back. Capuchon is very warm and is suitable for use during the rainy season or when traveling to cold areas. Knit Minimal Chic If knitwear is synonymous with winter, it looks like things are a little different in knitting at least chic. This is a good fashion knitwear especially for our mother

The name is minimal knitting, of course the knitting is not as tight as clothes such as sweaters and cardigans. Even knitted motifs are sometimes almost similar to nets. Therefore, chic minimal knit tops often require an undershirt so they don’t wander when worn. Chic minimal knit tops are very suitable when worn for casual or formal events. This model’s top will help you look maximally beautiful.

Knit blouse

Blouse is a type of clothing that seems loose at the waist and looks casual, it is nice fashion knitwear especially for our mother. Knitted blouses are one of the most commonly owned items of other types of knitwear. The current knitted blouse model that is loved by young people is the one with a tassel accent on the bottom. Downward tapering triangles with fringe and subtle colors are also a trend these days.

After buying knitwear, make sure to hand wash knitwear and cold water. This can make knit clothes durable and beautiful. Avoid washing in the washing machine as this can cause shrinkage and damage. When washing, also make sure to separate knitted clothes from other fabrics. When you want to iron knit clothes, try to use a temperature that is not too hot. Temperature that is too hot can make clothes easily damaged and the color fades quickly. In addition, the temperature is too hot will make knit clothes shrink.  When a knit shirt thread breaks, try not to pull it. Pulling the loose threads can actually make clothes become damaged and not beautiful anymore. Pin the loose thread with a needle inside your shirt.

So, where are the knitting items that your mother doesn’t have? Don’t forget to check the knitting quality when buying a fashion knitwear especially for our mother. The stronger the knitting thread, the more durable the knitted clothes. Happy shopping, I hope this information is useful for you.

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