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Various Types of Fashion Knitwear In Indonesia

Various Types of Fashion Knitwear In Indonesia – Knitwear is one of the most popular clothing materials, as well as in Indonesia. There are various types of basic ingredients for making this knitwear. Maybe you often wonder, why are there clothes with knitted fabrics that are thick and warm, and some are so thin. Actually not because the quality is worse or better.

Types of Fashion Knitwear In Indonesia

There are several types of knitting and this is the first important thing we should know before buying.

Tips before buying knitwear

  • Single Knit

This type of knitting is more suitable for nightgowns and underwear. The main drawback of the single knit type is that the ends bend more easily over time. However, because of its more stretchy nature, this type of knitting is more comfortable to sleep on. The material is more comfortable for all skin types.

  • Double Knit

Unlike the single knit, this type is usually heavier because it is made into two layers. The double knit type is often made into shorts, skirts, jackets, women’s and men’s knit sweaters, etc. The fibers in the double knit type are usually more flexible, for example silk, polyester, rayon and cotton. For this type of knitting, the nature of the clothes is not easy to bend. The difference between wool and cashmere In fact, both wool and cashmere use knitting yarns made from animal fibers. However, why are these two models of fashion knitwear in Indonesia prices so different.

  • Wool

Wool fabrics are often produced from fleece. Of course you already know, where is the largest wool-producing country in the world? Yes, where else if it wasn’t Australia which got the nickname of the country of wool. The characteristics of woolen fabrics are not easily wrinkled, and can be the main protection for those of you who are in cold weather locations. But not only can you use it in places with cold weather, you can also wear it in hot weather because it can absorb sweat, but keeps the wearer comfortable while wearing it.

That’s why some models of sportswear use this material. If you see a garment labeled as 100% wool composition or 100% wool, it means that the garment is actually made of fleece knit yarn without any other lint blends. Another way to check is by touching it. This material is usually soft and stretchy. The texture of real wool is smoother. The texture is quite flat so it is suitable to warm the body as fashion knitwear in Indonesia .

  • Kashmir

Just like woolen cloth, cashmere is also made from sheep’s hair, goat to be more precise. Kashmiri goat breed, as the name implies. The hair of the Kashmiri goat can only be produced once a year, and is taken from the lower part of the neck and stomach. To make an adult cashmere sweater, it takes more than two goats.

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Popular models of knitwear

After getting to know the types and materials of knitted clothes, of course what cannot be separated is the clothing model itself. Here are the models fashion knitwear in Indonesia  that are popular and much-loved.

  • Crew Neck

Crew neck is arguably the simplest type of sweater, with a circular neck shape that follows the collarbone. Crew neck model is known to be quite versatile for casual and semi formal events. This type of clothing can warm the body. Usually people will wear a t-shirt first before layering it again with crew neck knitwear. Not infrequently, many also combine it with a shirt to make it look more formal. This men’s knitwear is among the most popular.

  • V Neck

As the name implies, the V neck is named because the shape of the neck is like the letter V. This model has more variations than the crew neck. There are various kinds of cuts ranging from short to long. V neck models are usually more versatile than crew necks, because they are easier to mix and match with other types of clothing. You can wear it with a regular t-shirt, or even with a shirt to make it look much neater. In fact, you can also add a tie as a variation, so that your appearance can look even more dandy and preppy. This model is most often made as a work vest, so it is often used by office employees as fashion knitwear in indonesia

  • Shawl Neck

The shawl neck model tends to be rarely found in Indonesia because of its unique model. However, actually the shawl collar model can help you when you are going to wear multiple layers. Comes in the form of a knitted cardigan or blazer, you can line your favorite shirt with this women’s knit shirt. Don’t forget, mix it with chino pants to make you look even more fun!

That’s an explanation of the basic material commonly used for knitwear and also knitwear models that are fashion knitwear in Indonesia. Very fashionable and trendy isn’t it.