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White Home Decor Inspiration For Minimalist Residential

White Home Decor Inspiration For Minimalist Residential – A white house always exudes a clean, modern, and elegant impression. The white color also tends to be neutral so that it matches various room decorations. It’s no doubt that many people fall in love with a dwelling like this, which makes us feel at home for a long in it.

The advantage of having another white house is also the effect of a wider room. If the land you have is limited, a white house is a solution to create the illusion of a wider space so that it is more comfortable to live in. Having a dream white house doesn’t mean all the furniture is also white.

In order not to be monotonous, mix and match white tones and combine various textures in the room. Choosing a particular theme or room style also helps create the impression of a contemporary minimalist home. Well, here we will discuss White Home Decor.

1. White Industrial House

A white house with an industrial concept can be your choice of residence. In general, the industrial concept is realized with a semi-finished or unfinished appearance, thanks to the use of metal or pipe materials, brick or cement walls, and furniture or wooden floors. So that the spaces at home still seem spacious and minimalist, try not to involve many different motifs in the arrangement.

However, you can combine different textures in space, for example, for a textured rug for a living room that has a leather sofa with a smooth surface. Also, combine the colors in the room with a warm color palette like brown.

2. White Open Space House

The inspiration for the next white house is one with an open space or open concept. Light colors in a room, for example, a white floor, reflect the incoming light so that the room looks spacious. The open space concept will make this spacious impression even more pronounced. An example of implementing an open space white house is a white-floored workspace or lounge. You can read or watch your favorite shows, and even work from home in this room.

3. White House With Rooftop

The area for drying clothes on the rooftop can be used as an outdoor lounge with a little creativity. You can even make your white house more comfortable to live in during a pandemic with this rooftop makeover, thanks to a short ‘vacation’ to the roof of your house. Change the rooftop with a beach atmosphere by adding blocks for white seat cushions. Give the impression of being semi-finished by painting this area ivory white, then also adding pillars to support the canopy to keep this area shady.

4. Japanese-Style White House

Apart from being neutral and entering into all aspects of the home interior, white paint can also clear the mind, and make us more relaxed and relaxed. Especially if your home takes Japanese inspiration which gives a zen feel to the room. Add down-to-earth elements such as wooden screens like those in Japanese homes, minimalist spatial arrangements, and indoor greenery. White furniture, brown wood, and their combination with plant elements create a shady Japanese-style aesthetic impression.

5. Scandinavian White House

Characteristics of Scandinavian-style room design include using neutral colors such as white walls or floors and presenting a bright impression in a natural space. This is because houses with Scandinavian style usually have relatively large openings so that natural lighting can be maximized. In addition, the Scandinavian style is also known for its natural and warm impression, which can be raised through wood accents on walls, furniture, ceilings, or floors.