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Knit Decorative Pillows that Give an Attractive Impression

Knit decorative pillows come in many patterns that you can choose from. Pillows are one of the must-have home accessories. The existence of a pillow will make rest more comfortable. Thus, the quality of your sleep will not be disturbed.

As an important item for human life, pillows themselves now have many choices of models. The latest model is a knit pillow. This pillow model is no less attractive than modern pillows in general. To get a knit pillow, you can go through online and offline stores.

Beautiful Pattern Making for Knit Decorative Pillows

Knitting patterns for decorative pillows feature a variety of styles for a different impression. You may want to knit many that are full of neutral colors, luxurious, plain, and certainly subtly textured.

In addition, you may also want to shape the lot in a round, square, or other shape. Although some people knit lots in the shape they want. Then they will cover it using stitches.

Here are some knit decorative pillows that can serve as inspiration:

Modern Knitting Pattern

A modern geometric lot pattern with four pretty basic color squares. The velvet texture makes it cozy, as the design brings a different touch to the interior.

Rainbow Knitting Pattern

Rest more comfortably by using a rainbow crochet pillow. Rainbow crochet pillows are very easy to make. You just need to add the basic colors of the rainbow, such as red, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Twinkle Star Crochet Pattern

The twinkle star crochet pattern can be crocheted in the center outwards by adding an adorable star impression. This pattern pillow is perfect for babies and children’s rooms.

Surely they will look happy and not bored. For the color part, you just have to decorate according to the children’s favorite colors.

Monogram Pattern with TLB

The simplest, classic, and elegant pattern of many knits is the monogram with TLB. Pillows with this pattern will personalize the home and add extra handmade warmth. Besides for the home, you can also use this pillow as a gift.

Sakura Mandala Pattern

The next cushion knitting pattern idea is the Sakura mandala in one or more colors. It’s simple but still carries a lot of texture. Transform a round pillow with pom-poms.

You will crochet this Sakura pillow in several ways. You can knit two mandalas together along the edge with single crochet stitches.

Funky Fringe Pattern

The funky fringe pillow has the perfect amount of boldness but still displays a simple, relaxed feel. It can be the perfect home decor accessory. You can put a pillow with this pattern on a sofa or bed. This knit decorative pillow inspiration is divided into two parts, half double knit, and bobbles.

Flower Dot Pattern

The most relaxing knit to cover a square pillow is the floral dot pattern. Knitted in this pattern, it will cover the pillow in a pretty floral pattern. Guarantee you a good night’s sleep until the morning without a sore neck.

Bear Pattern

A crocheted bear pillow will add the perfect impression to your home or any other place. Aside from being an additional home accessory, this pillow can also be used as a gift for newlyweds.

Knit Pillow VS Foam Pillow

You can choose one of the patterns for knit decorative pillows that I discussed earlier. To conclude this article, I will compare both knit pillows with foam pillows.

In terms of price, knitted pillows are cheaper than foam pillows. This is because knitting has not attracted many people. As for foam pillows, they are more expensive, because they use high-value foam quality.

Both indeed have their charm to lure consumers. But, it’s better to choose according to your budget and personal stability. Hopefully, knit decorative pillows will inspire you.