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Tomboy Wedding Dress, Look Different Style on Your Day


Tomboy wedding dress is one of the most popular fashion recommendations. So far, it is usually very common for us to find types of wedding dresses with feminine models, in the form of dresses in the form of elegant long skirts. However, it turns out that for tomboyish women, this type of clothing narrows their movement space. Therefore, the breakthrough bridal fashion style for tomboyish women is currently in great demand.

Tomboy Wedding Dress

Fashionable Tomboy Wedding Dress Recommendations

Choosing a wedding dress for a tomboy style must be much simpler, and not interfere with her movement space. Currently, there are combinations of wedding dresses using trousers that are no less elegant than wedding dresses in general. Let’s look at the various wedding dress models below so that your tomboyish appearance on your special day still looks glamorous and harmonious.

Long Trouser Dress Design with Tube Top

Tube Top, which is a clothing design from the Netherlands, really gives a perfect appearance when we wear it. The characteristic of this shirt design is that the sleeves are left open. The design of this tomboyish shirt combines a tube top with elegant trousers. Don’t forget, the additional train adds a sweet, elegant impression, although it doesn’t erase the tomboyish impression in it.

Disney Princess

Who would have thought that a tomboyish style would prevent you from appearing like a princess in a fairy tale? This stigma is of course not true. You can still carry the princess style in the world of Disney, according to your style and comfort. The combination of a neckline style with a high skirt slit and ankle-length trousers can make you look stunning, like Bele in the Beauty and The Beast series.

Tomboy Wedding Dress With Sweet Lace Pants

Appearing all white at a wedding is a sacred concept for every bride. This color symbolizes the solemnity and warmth of the wedding procession. You can try an out-of-the-box tomboyish wedding concept by combining lace trousers and a simple, plain dress. Choose a sleeveless dress to expose your beautiful back. So, your appearance will look charming and different from the others.

Simple Stuff Wedding Dress

For those of you who don’t want the slightest feminine touch in your dream wedding dress, this style is very suitable to choose from. With all white nuances, you can choose trousers and shirts without patterns. Suitable make-up and elegant and simple hair styling will make you even more charming even if you only wear simple clothes. Also add a lace head scarf, to add to the intimate impression.

Are Tomboy Wedding Dresses Appropriate to Wear?

Wearing wedding attire frees up the bride and groom to choose their theme. However, there are still various considerations to get the best feel and unforgettable vibes at this most historic moment.

Considerations for choosing a tomboy wedding dress require more preparation than other types of wedding dresses in general. This is because tomboyish dresses are considered not very familiar to some people. So, there are still many who think that this type of clothing is not formal, too casual, and so on. These various conditions can be overcome by choosing the right dress design, and still highlighting the formal side of the clothes. So, you can still appear stylish, and polite, and not be considered deviant from general wedding dress fashion.