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12 Ideas of 16th Century Women’s Clothing


Pirate parties won’t be completed if you don’t show up with 16th century women’s clothing. The outfit is very unique and still looks modern as long as you know how to combine. Here are some ideas you might need before going out with your fellow partiers.

  1. High Low Peasant Costume

It’s literally a simple dress, the neckline is elastic so you can wear is as off-shoulder dress too. The front part is high, meanwhile the back part is low. Asymmetric design is the uniqueness of 16th century. It’s more casual with the tie around the waist and suitable for partis or festivals.


  1. Tavern Maiden Costume

This costume was worn by maiden back then at the end of the Renaissance era. The style is quite complicated because there are many pieces. They are off-shoulder blouse, lace-up vest, skirt and belt. The skirt has two layers and one of them is higher.


  1. Red Riding Hood Costume

Well, the Woodland Red Riding Hood character is very popular until now. The little girl’s style is one of 16th century women’s clothing. She had long-sleeved blouse and the pattern-vest with some laces. The skirt and hood have the same red which is vibrant and outstanding in that era.


  1. Irish Medieval Long Dress

It’s very different with others who have puffy here and there. This dress is worn by mature women who love simplicity. The main color is always dark such as navy, black and burgundy. The dress has some linings with contrast colors like grey or white. It’s floor-length and long-sleeved.


  1. Chemise Boho Style dress

Do you love vintage dress with fine lining designs? Chemise boho style is a perfect choice for you. It has very simple lining, no embroidered, no puffy, and no laces like other Renaissance clothing in 16th century. The front part has high slit, but it has another layer below the slit.


  1. Friar Monk Costume

It’s also a 16th century women’s clothing with mysterious aura. It comes with dark colors such as black, emerald, burgundy and navy. At glance, it’s similar to hoodie. Uniquely, it has rope as the tie in the waist. This costume is perfect for your cosplay pasties or halloween.


  1. Lace-up Irish Dress

So many lace-up dress designs in 16th century and one of them is this retro style. If you have slender body, the costume will hel you look strong and glamorous. Since it’s from silk, the dress shines under the light. The lace-up part is at the front. Meanwhile the sleeves are trumpet and very long.


  1. Medieval Victorian Costume

Victorian costume is always gothic with bold colors like black, burgundy and navy. Not only the dress, the sleeves are also long and they are flare style. Though it’s not puffy dress, it still has cute belt like rope and consists of 4 linings. The design will invite attention at the party.


  1. Reversible Peasant Bodice

This outfit is brigther than all costume in 16th century. The blouse is off-shoulder and elastic. The sleeves part are flare, puffy and big. They also have embroidered pattern like flower. The vest is simple with front laces and made from leather.

  1. Prairie Colonial Dress

If you dislike the lacings, you can try this prairie colonial dress. It’s one piece but has two-tone colors and looks contrast. The vest has straps with wide size, but the bottom part is off-shoulder. The neckline is quite low with a ribbon at the chest. You can combine this dress with boots or heels.


  1. Victorian Scottish Dress

Scottish dress has another style in the 16th century. The set consists of two parts, the top is elastic neckline blouse with long sleeves. Meanwhile the bottom part is asymmetric skirt with two layers. The skirt will completely hide the feet. It’s suitable for stage, cosplay and wedding party.


  1. Elven Acher Fancy Dress

Puffy and big are two basic concepts of this outfit. The blouse is elastic but it isn’t off-shoulder. The sleeves are flared and the width is wider than the body part itself. To make it iconic, the design use the corset to adjust the body size. Corset is made from leather.


The 16th century women’s clothing is very great. Women look stronger because the outfit is mostly puffy and luxurious. Some parts are made from leather which was expensive and glamorous in the era. They are still relatable until now for party purpose.

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